GolfAds delivers to a captive audience and communicates to them exclusively in an uncluttered and relaxed environment. On average there is a dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off on a golf course. At a driving range, the average dwell time is closer to 30 minutes. What other forms of advertising can do that?

In addition to unequalled exposure GolfAds offers, GolfAds delivers advertisements to a successful, highly educated and high end consumer audience. GolfAds signs target a highly sought-after market with a strong purchase power.

GolfAds provides advertising agencies the opportunity to include GolfAds signs into the marketing portfolio of its clients.




  • Hardwood signs
  • Various Tee Dividers
  • Distance Markers
  • Light-boxes
  • Scorecards
  • Golf Balls with your Logo
  • Static and Digital Club Displays
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Corporate Multi-Facility Memberships
  • Corporate Golfing Events
  • Member Rewards Programs


  • Lease agreements on hardwood signs placed on golf-courses and driving ranges around the country
  • Assistance with product selection & package deals from its range of products
  • Full service branding, graphic design, printing and delivery packages upon request

We have created a creative range of media opportunities which are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective as a visual presentation on and in our golf course partners for your client. Furthermore, our team has the ability to address the numerous complexities of golfing marketing products for your clients in a very competitive marketplace.


GolfAds enables you to showcase your client’s products and services cost-effectively in most major cities, regional areas, and key travel destinations on golf courses and driving ranges.

With over 1,000 faces across Australia, GolfAds can offer a wide selection of locations for your next media campaign.

Please contact us for further information if you would like to advertise for your clients to a successful, highly educated and strong consumer audience.